I think were all natural born Anarchists.


The rules begin. The first ones are always common sense: don’t touch the wood stove or you’ll get burned. Slowly, they creep up, there are rules when you go to church, more rules when you go to school, and even more rules when you go out into the world. Some rules define the parameters of knowledge and are based on reason, logic, and empirical evidence while other rules are based on power and are used to oppress you and your peers.


Society knows that there is something wrong. Clive Bundy chose to break the rules and make his own. He foolishly thinks a piece of paper written by racist borderline minarchists 200 years ago protects his rights.


Most people won’t go as far as Bundy, however. Most people don’t break the rules because everything they have ever been taught has been about obeying the rules and not questioning authority.


Asking people to reject everything they have been taught, everything that they know to be true, from the views of their parents, to the tenets of their religion and ideology, requires tact. As an anarchist I debate a lot but I argue respectfully because if people feel belittled they will block your argument out. I wish to plant a seed, an idea which they may reject today but might reconsider in the future.


You don’t need a State to have civilization nor a book to define your humanity. You don’t need borders and laws to control people. You don’t need a piece of paper to give you freedom nor do you need a specific skin tone to give you rights. Mutual respect and the willingness to stand up for your neighbor is the foundation of community and the essence of liberty.


Many people only see the hierarchies that they want to see. For liberty to work it needs to break down all hierarchies that violate the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP.) The enemy of freedom is any individual, state, religion, corporation, institution, foundation, or organization that violates the NAP in regards to property or person. Anything less than that limits individual rights because of the collectivism of states, religions, corporations, institutions, foundations, or


It has been said that to see the farm is to leave it. I think some people stay at the farm out of fear and for their own security. To free yourself is to free the world. To free the world is to understand that the empire made for the ruling class needs to become a community made up of the sovereign.